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Knowledge Management Training & Education Worldwide

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    Abstract: Quite often the Knowledge Management related posts that flow through online forums focus on how KM can be effective, how to “do it,” as well as focusing on the concepts, strategies, and implementing practices that comprise the discipline. By itself, these discussions are often inadequate beyond answering specific questions related to these focus areas.
    The conversation MUST include shared learnings around Knowledge Leadership. Knowledge Leadership is a key determinant of ...

    Knowledge Management vs. Knowledge Leadership from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Invited to add my social innovation / #Yammer experience here: …. Prime example: ABB … #KMers

    (Status) Network era competencies via @hjarche  #kmers #pkm

    (Status) Qualification in knowledge management: organising, sharing and increasing knowledge | via @alumni_de #KMedu …

    (Status) IFLA Knowledge Management Satellite Conference 12 August 2016 Langsam Library, University of Cincinnati, Cinci… 

    (Status) "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)" for the @InsideKM Magazine Archive. Could u pls fix this? 

    (Status) Views ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 49/15 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: I work with KOC, the 4th largest exporter of Crude Oil, in its Head office, Ahmadi, Kuwait. Having spent 2 years working in the PM’s advisory in Kuwait, as an advisor, this is the 2nd stint that I have with KOC in the knowledge Management function. Prior to coming to Kuwait, I worked with Mind Tree Consulting, mainly evangelizing Knowledge Communities, as a Senior Manager – KM. I spent ...

    Daily Routine of a Knowledge Management Practitioner from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Recently, Tom Davenport, a foundational thought leader in knowledge management, posted an article asking “What ever happened to Knowledge Management?” He discusses a number of influences and I recommend you read the article, although there’s plenty there to disagree with.
    However, if KM is on “life support,” as Davenport says, it’s not evident in the job listings. I’ve been struck recently by the large number of jobs with “knowledge ...

    What’s a Knowledge Management Job These Days? from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Comment on Stan Garfield’s lists on KM Communities, Conferences & Training by boris.jaeger: Rece…  #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) Advice to KM practitioners: Be a chef, don't rely on recipes … #kmers #km #knowledgemanagement

    (Status) #WW Getting/Sustaining Buy-in for Knowledge Management: Notes from KMWorld 2015 Knowledge Café @plambeSG #KM #KMers …

    (Status) #WW KM Training: includes universities offering KM courses: please reply with additions or updates #KM #KMers 

    (Status) Chatting to a colleague ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 50/15 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: What is community management anyway? And who does it?
    Are you a community manager? Are you sure?
    In community circles there has always been a lot of discussion about what community management is, whether we actually call it that and who is responsible for it. In particular the word ‘management’ can cause particular angst because facilitating the growth of a community is almost completely counter to what many people think about ...

    Community Management: Role, Profession or Discipline? from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: I was asked in a tweet, “What is a Community Evangelist? Are you a priest? Do you belong to a religious order?” I was asked again in our internal enterprise social network (ESN), “Could you tell me about the Community Evangelist?”
    I am not a priest, and I don’t belong to a religious order. Here is what I do as a community evangelist. You can adapt this to other, similar ...

    What a Community Evangelist does from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Hear about #Knowledge Management in action from #Bombardier @BBD_Aircraft at our #KM conference in #Toronto …

    (Status) Talking to colleagues about importance of KM & love how passionate they are, 2 yrs ago they didn't even know about KM! #progress #KMers

    (Status) Designing Powerfull knowledge Management In Building Learning Organization Jadwal Training 2016 (Bisa request… 

    (Status) Comment on NY/NJ/PA Area Knowledge Management (SIKM) Get Together by boris.jaeger: Impressions f…  #KMedu ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 51/15 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Ensuring that research is translated into practical outcomes, and in turn ensuring that research priorities and activities are informed by practitioner experience, is a recognised priority in sectors such as medicine and natural resource management.
    A way of achieving this is through the use of “knowledge brokers”. In a review of some of the literature on knowledge brokering, Morgan Meyer defines knowledge brokers as “people or organizations that move knowledge ...

    Knowledge brokers to connect research and practice from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: In 2007, Andre Saito published a PhD proposing a model of knowledge management competence which could be used as the basis for educating KM staff. As well as being well-written and interesting in its own right, edited portions of his PhD have been serialised on RealKM to provide an explanation of many of the fundamentals of understanding and teaching KM.
    Full text from publisher »
    Andre Saito: Educating Knowledge Managers series. ...

    RealKM Series on “Educating Knowledge Managers” from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) The Webzucht Weekly is out! … Stories via @KMeducation @InfraVision_grp @luisrzuniga

    (Status) The KMedu Hub Weekly is out! …

    (Status) Manage Information & Knowledge – Introductory Management Training – 14/1/ 16. To book please follow …

    (Status) Aligning HR with KM (new article in Educating Knowledge Managers series) … #km #kmers #humanresources #knowledge

    (Status) KM Today is out! … Stories via @KMeducation

    (Status) KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 51/15: (Status) Hear about #Knowledge ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 52/15 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: As knowledge management challenges once again top the agenda of many CEOs, an emphasis on getting more value from corporate knowledge assets has heightened the interest in knowledge management as a professional area of practice. Providing education in KM, which can include specialized courses, seminars, certifications, and formal undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs are leading the way in preparing future KM practitioners to meet this challenge. On the other ...

    Book Excerpt on Knowledge Management Education from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The potential of knowledge management (KM) for library and information professionals was investigated by the UK Library and Information Commission (LIC) funded research project: ‘Underpinning Skills for Knowledge Management: training implications’. This aimed to: gain an understanding of KM and the roles, skills and competencies needed in these environments; assess the implications for the library and information profession; assess the routes available to people wishing to develop KM skills; ...

    Skills for the Knowledge Economy from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Happy New Year's #ff @md_santo @Joel_Muzard @pbernardon @kdelarue @rebeccajonesgal @KINWBS @JoeRaimondo @stangarfield #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) Enroll in the free UNPAN e-course on Knowledge Management in Government Organization  @UNDESA

    (Status) I had a fantastic day doing a course on Knowledge Management at Linton University College, today, where I met some lovely people.

    (Status) The KMedu Hub Weekly is out! …

    (Status) Fourth International Conference on Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process (DKMP ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 01/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The way an organization manages and disseminates its knowledge is key to informed business decision-making, effectiveness and competitive edge. Because knowledge management is not a one-size-fits-all method, you need a framework tailored to your organization and its priorities. The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook takes you step by step through the processes needed to define and embed an effective knowledge management framework within your organization.
    Knowledge management experts Nick Milton and Patrick ...

    Handbook for Knowledge Managers from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Purpose – This paper aims to look at the practices of those who are in charge of knowledge management in corporations: the knowledge managers.
    Design/methodology/approach – Using the activity system model, the study observes the work of four knowledge managers embedded in the same organizational context (the company Lafarge).
    Findings – By exposing the contradictions inside the activity systems of knowledge managers, the paper analyzes three managerial conflicts tackled by practitioners: ...

    Practices of knowledge managers from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Practices of knowledge managers: Abstract: Purpose – This paper aims to look at the practices of…  #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) Handbook for Knowledge Managers: Abstract: The way an organization manages and disseminates its …  #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) #ff @4KM @km4dev @kmgcmontreal @capitalintelectual @collabdusavoir @knet @capitalcognitivo @stangarfield @maryadamsICA @KMedu @KMeducation

    (Status) 3 days in a new job and I'm already pushing for self (& unit) development in the shape of wanting to ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 2/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The field of knowledge management continues to garner both academic and practitioner interest. While much has been written about the technological, social, and economic aspects of managing knowledge in organizations, little is known about the managers who lead the engagements. In the following research project, we examine the roles of three C-level executives — Chief Knowledge Officers, Chief Learning Officers, and Chief Privacy Officers, these individuals are tasked (and ...

    The Chiefs of Knowledge: CKO, CLO, and CPO from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Purpose – Recently, the demise of the mania, coupled with slow economic growth has caused organizations to cut costs in an attempt to improve efficiency and the bottom line. Discontinuing or suspending knowledge management efforts and disbanding the chief knowledge officers’ (CKOs) role is one common response from most organizations faced with these cost and efficiency pressures. The purpose of this paper is to describe why firms choose ...

    Chief Knowledge Officers and knowledge management from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The use of effective knowledge management is becoming an essential part of technical development projects in order to enable developers to handle the growing complexity of these projects. In this article we discuss an innovative approach to address this concern from the perspective of an undergraduate engineering curriculum. Instead of adding knowledge management in the form of explicit study material, we integrated implicit knowledge management strategies into laboratory practice ...

    Knowledge management in an engineering curriculum from KMedu Hub.

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