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Knowledge Management Training & Education Worldwide

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    Abstract: Knowledge Management capabilities are essential stakeholder assets of a knowledge-based economy, in particular when addressed by standardization efforts, such as recently by ISO-9001:2015 – managing knowledge for achieving competitive edge. Effective organizational Knowledge Management requires competent work force with respect to generating, (re)presenting, and processing knowledge for shared and collective use in the realm of organizational agility. The Johannes Kepler University Linz has established a professional MBA curriculum for ...

    The Knowledge Management Master’s Curriculum @ the University of Linz from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) My compiled tweetnotes: 4th 'Annual #Knowledge Management Conference' of #Mumbai K-Community:  #KM #KMers #KMMumbai

    (Status) L:organisation et l’équipe agile, mode ou…? Pour infos, inscription et Videos: … #KMedu #collabdusavoir #cfk16

    (Status) #RESPECT! Thanks Rudolf D’Souza and Alakh Asthana for driving the #knowledge management community in Mumbai! #KMmumbai #KM #KMers

    (Status) Food for thought for audience: 12. What is your career path in KM 5 years down the road (eg. who/what will ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 03/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Aim of the study: The aim of the study is to explore the views of information professionals for knowledge management (KM) in the libraries/information institutions of Bangladesh.
    Research questions: This paper seeks to address the following research questions: How the information professionals of Bangladesh perceive the views of KM? What are likely to be the skills required by the information professionals of Bangladesh for KM in the libraries of Bangladesh? ...

    Knowledge Management Skills and Competencies of Information Professionals from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The paper discusses competencies for new age information professionals. Emphasis has been on the changes within LIS market during the last 2-3 decades, with a particular emphasis on the new roles LIS professionals have to assume in information and knowledge management positions in the corporate world. Management and functional competencies have also been explored, that would make LIS professionals relevant in the emerging market.
    Full text from publisher »
    Rehman, ...

    Information and Knowledge Management Competencies for Information Professionals from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Register now for the joint #AAPG, #EAGE, #SEG, #SPE Knowledge Management Challenge Workshop:

    (Status) KM Today is out! … Stories via @BestKMresearch @Pioneer_KS @KMeducation

    (Status) Liked on YouTube: Personal Knowledge Management Workshop Intro 2013  #aycom

    (Status) Update! @stangarfield's #SIKM Leaders m'ly 'Knowledge Management Community Calls' schedule (2017-02)  #KMers #KMedu #

    (Status) At FAO regional HQ, Bangkok with Nepali government staff facilitating a knowledge management workshop

    (Status) PhD Studentship: Knowledge ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 04/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The objective of this study is to provide organizations with a pragmatic understanding of how the role and position of Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) is connecting people, technology & processes in a competitive environment to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) ahead of the competition in a global market. The main research question addressed by this study is whether the role and position of a CKO has an effect ...

    Chief Knowledge Officers Add Value! from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: This article examines attributes of the CKO position and the backgrounds of the people who fill it. Variations in the prescribed role for the CKO are reviewed, as are CKO critical success factors. One critical knowledge management issue, implicit-to-explicit knowledge conversion, is investigated in some depth to reveal the unique nature of issues confronting the CKO position. Finally, the arguments for potentially not implementing a CKO function are discussed.
    Full ...

    Critical Success Factors for the Chief Knowledge Officer from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) Critical Success Factors for the Chief Knowledge Officer: Abstract: This article examines attrib…  #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) Chief Knowledge Officers Add Value!: Abstract: The objective of this study is to provide organiz…  #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) Satisfied w. @KMWorldMagazine list of academic Knowledge Management programs? Which would u add?  #KMers #KMedu #USA

    (Status) #ff Thank you for your work with knowledge management communities @joel_muzard @stangarfield @maryadamsICA @KMeducation @KM4Dev #KM

    (Status) Columbia Info ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 05/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) An unusual accolade for a Knowledge Manager  #KM #KMers #knoco

    (Status) Knowledge champions make it easier to create a culture of sharing and learning in your org.  #kmers #orglearning

    (Status) #KMers play a very important role helping new employees contribute to the organization's collective memory. #onboarding, #newhire, #KM

    (Status) Great: concept map with the most important #learning theories and authors!  #knowledge #education #KM #KMers

    (Status) The Daily Knowledge Cafe is out! ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 06/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The KITS (Knowledge Management Interactive Training System) project is a three-year programme aimed at developing a web-based game that will support acquiring knowledge management expertise in a safe environment without needing to learn by making mistakes in real-life. Andrew Haldane Gertjan van Heijst, Noam Shalgi, Robert de Hoog and Ton de Jong describe it achievements in its first year and its plans for the future.
    Full text from publisher ...

    Knowledge Management Interactive Training System from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Knoco Ltd’s Nick Milton and Tom Young share their experiences with the ‘Bird Island’ KM workshop – an experiment that has been running for the past 10 years.
    What is the first challenge in a knowledge management implementation?
    If our knowledge management (KM) experience is anything to go by, one of the early challenges you need to address is to convince some of your hard-nosed business managers that KM will result ...

    Knoco’s ‘Bird Island’ Knowledge Management workshop from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: In this panel we will discuss the importance of knowledge organization and information organization in library and information science curricula and the emerging trends both inside and outside of library and information science which will affect the curriculum in coming years.

    Selenay Aytac, Long Island University
    Knowledge Organization for Innovative Information Services: Designing a New Course for the Department of Media Communication, Information Systems and Art History of The Polytechnic ...

    Knowledge/ information organization course curriculum: emerging trends from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: This paper presents the preliminary results of a study investigating the current state of knowledge organization education in American schools of library and information science. The goal of the study is to assess the status of entry-level knowledge organization education in U.S. library and information schools from three perspectives: course content, students’ perception, and workplace requirements. The results may serve as a framework for discussion about the role knowledge ...

    Knowledge organization education: a study from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) 12. Int'l Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM), 10.-11. Oct 2016, Vienna, #Austria #ickm16 #KMers #KMedu …

    (Status) 26/3 – SBGC Webinar: Insights com @raqbalceiro  #km #gc #kmers

    (Status) 17-18/3 – Oficina de Mapeamento de Conhecimentos com @raqbalceiro  #km #gc #educcorp #kmers

    (Status) Only two weeks until our Knowledge Management and #innovation Conference. Looking forward to Chairing it. …

    (Status) Thanks to @billkaplankm for a terrific preso on #KMAgile. Thanks 2 @stangarfield ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 07/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    In the Yahoo! Group of the Systems Integration KM Leaders Community Connie C. asks:
    I had a message from the Global Knowledge Management Congress & Awards in Mumbai about an award. Did anyone else receive a similar message? Does anyone else know about this conference? Stan, I see you have it on your list of conferences and you mentioned it in a tweet last year.
    It looks slightly more legit than the ...

    Global Knowledge Management Congress & Awards: Credible? from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: The panel will discuss the growing challenges in knowledge management education. Particularly they will debate and share their visions and experiences on following issues:

    What are the career opportunities for students graduated from KM program?
    What skills and knowledge should we empower our students in KM program?
    What are the challenges in KM education?
    What are the future trends in KM career and education?

    In the first part of the panel, we will ...

    ASIS&T panel on the Knowledge Management career from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: Career evolution is on the minds of many intranet professionals. Whether you are a content editor, a knowledge management worker or a design specialist, it can be difficult to know how your career can evolve or what skills you need to make that next step.
    At Mercer, a global provider of consulting, outsourcing and investment services, the Knowledge Management team has implemented a structured approach using a winning combination of ...

    Knowledge Management career paths @ Mercer from KMedu Hub.

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    (Status) #CFP IEEE-ICIKM 2016 : The 5th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (ICIKM 2016) 

    (Status) Knowledge Management Training for WASH Ethiopia Movement by @WatSanCollabCou and WSP-AF

    (Status) Global Knowledge Management Congress & Awards: Credible?: In the Yahoo! Group of the Systems Int…  #KMedu #KMers

    (Status) Careers in Federal Knowledge Management ALA 2010 Annual Conference Monday, June 28, 2010 9:00 Welcome Amanda …

    (Status) #PKMChat is in 1 day ...

    KMedu Hub’s weekly tweets – week 08/2016 from KMedu Hub.

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    In the LinkedIn Group of the Knowledge Management Institute Jeffrey M. K. asks:
    Has anybody attended any knowledge management conferences, such as ICICKM, ICKM 2016 or OLKC?
    I am again working in this area, and am thinking about some professional / research conferences later this year or next. Thanks in advance!
    Join the discussion »
    Jeffrey M. K.: Knowledge Management Conferences ‘Knowledge Management Institute’ LinkedIn Group, March 1, 2016.
    Note: 2 member comments so far ...

    Knowledge Management conferences to attend? from KMedu Hub.

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    Abstract: On 16 August 2000, the Department of the Navy (DON) Chief Information Officer, Mr. Dan Porter signed a Memorandum for Distribution releasing the final draft of the Department of Navy Civilian Career Path Guide for Management of Technology, Information, and Knowledge. The final version will be released in early 2001, and will be converted to a Web-based tool.
    It is inevitable that many future Information Technology (IT)-related jobs will be ...

    DON Knowledge Management/Information Management/Information Technology career areas from KMedu Hub.

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